Robert Toenne
Functional Training Expert

Personal Training

As a certified Functional Trainer I am specialised in Functional Training with an emphasis on posture and anatomically correct movements. In other words, I help athletes optimise their movements and get 100% out of their performance.

Witness The Fitness

WITNESS THE FITNESS was founded in Amsterdam a decade ago. Founder Kaya Gezgin has become a successful Fitness Trainer of Pro Field Hockey Players and Top Level Management. Together with “World Hockey Player of the Year 2014” Ellen Hoog they published books to support a healthy lifestyle.

Pro performance training


The training plan we create for athletes and professionals is based on the physiological needs of their sports or job. We analyze their athletic or job profile and implement sports specific and functional exercises into their training. Considering the competition or work schedule we plan the training intensity and volume by using the periodization method. Every training session is focused on pro performance in a match, race or at work. Whether you are a football striker working on your explosiveness on the pitch or a runner who wants to beat the clock, our trainers make sure you get the results you want.


Athletes and professionals push their bodies to the limits. We fuel your performance with a customised nutrition plan to make sure your body gets the right nutrients and amount at the right time. Nutrient timing is key. We also advise you on healthy and clean supplements if needed to enhance your performance.


To achieve extraordinary results, all circumstances surrounding the athlete or professional have to be right. Physically, as well as mentally. An integral part of Pro Performance Training is helping you to stay focused and motivated. We keep close tabs on you throughout the whole season or year with daily communication and we collaborate closely with club coaches and team trainers. In many cases we accompany our athletes at their matches, races or training camps in The Netherlands or abroad.

Corporate Power

We operate the in-house Flow Traders GYM in Amsterdam and power the performance of their employees with sports, training and an in-house nutrition concept. We train and create company sports teams and participate in sports events. With periodic health checks we monitor their progress.

Gym Concepts

We’ve designed the Flow Traders GYM from scratch. In collaboration with the company, architects and project developers we created a state-of-the-art multi-functional gym. We used our sports knowledge and experience for this new gym concept.

Travel Service

We bring our Pro Performance with us wherever we go. We travel with athletes and CEO’s to keep them fit and focused on their sports or business. We train, coach and advise athletes and professionals while traveling. We use specific training, nutrition and recovery tactics so they can perform as a pro.

Training camps

Many of our clients are professional athletes. Therefore, we are used to periodization and competition deadlines. WITNESS THE FITNESS trainers are the ultimate companion if you are preparing for a match, race or season in a training camp.

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